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Wood Fire Hot Tub

The sierra deluxe lt Wood fired 6 person hot Tub is top-rated for groups, our hot Tub is built hardwood and provides a Fire pits for firewood burning. There is a mezzanine level that makes it effortless to move items other people in the way, plus, the hot Tub extends a beautiful Wood Fire look and feel.

Chofu Hot Tub Heater

This hot Tub heater is a terrific alternative to add a touch of heat to your pool, this model is based on the 55000 btu hot Tub heating system and features a Wood fired oven that is uncomplicated to operate and maintain. This hot Tub heater can heat up to a pool size area and a hot Tub size area, it also features a water temperature of 50 degrees celsius and a boiling point of -80 degrees celsius. This hot Tub heater is valuable for any hot Tub style pool in which there is use of water temperature, this heater can easily heat up your pool area to 50 degrees celsius, we have a Wood fired hot Tub heater that can help you create a hot Tub that is practical for your home. This hot Tub offers an 100000 btu heating element, so you can enjoy a hot Tub without ever having to leave your home, this wood-fired water heater is sensational for lovers who admire to explore the world through seafood. At 166 square feet, it's basic to produce a cozy atmosphere in your hot tub, plus, the hot Tub grants a tried and true of Wood burning heat to make your hot Tub self-contained. With an american-made water heater, you can enjoy your hot Tub for years to come, this is a portable Wood fired hot Tub heater that can be used to heat a pool or that is outstanding for a small hot tub. It imparts an 35000 btu rating and can heat up to an 3500 degrees.