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Wood Burning Hot Tub

This 6 canadian cedar outdoor Wood Burning soaking hot Tub spa is top-rated for a hot pad of land or spa, the Tub is over 6 metres long and will give you all the warmth you need to add some light and heat to your space. The cover is produced of canadian cedar and will keep the Wood Burning hot Tub warm and taming your smoke rack, the stairs enter the spa from the back, making it first-class for groups of friends.

Wood Fired Jacuzzi Hot Tub

This hot Tub is a terrific surrogate to relax and experience all that the outdoors extends to offer, with its own hot and cold water system, this hot Tub makes for a top spa experience. You can enjoy a cool drink or practice your hot Tub skills, the hot Tub renders a hot and cold water system, so you can enjoy your relaxations the using just a few effortless steps. The Wood fired hot Tub jets are unequaled for remove smoke, heat and other pollutants from your hot Tub by jets, the jets are also good for cleaning the fireplace andhaven't had any problems with them getting on your Wood Burning fireplace. This hot Tub features two 6-foottubes in a clear plastic cover with orange jets that are 750 g absolute capacity, the hot Tub also renders chimney features and is cleanable because it includes a fireplace. It imparts a low heat degree and a high heat degree that can remove Wood fires, this 6 canadian cedar outdoor Wood Burning soaking hot Tub spa is prime for a relaxing day in. You can step inside for steam and coaster experience, or use the marble flooring for a heating and spa experience. The cover saves you on energy costs and saves you on cleaning costs.