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Wifi Hot Tub Controller

The jandy pro pump interface is a new piece of technology that is going to make it easier for users to control their Wifi hot tubs with out having to access the machine from the interface is based on the pulsar platform and makes use of the your phone's wi-fi to allow users to control their Wifi hot tubs from anywhere in the room without needing to disconnect and re-connect.

Smart Hot Tub Controller

The new jandy pro series pump interface is a new factory sealed, it is an utilities that is needed for smart hot tubs. This pump is used to increase the capacity of the smart hot tubs and make it able to handle more water, the jandy pro series pump is an interface that allows you to control your hot Tub with ease. This pump is compatible with all devices that need to be connected to your hot tub, such as phone, computer, and hot Tub experiences, with its new and improved interface, you can now easily manage your hot Tub with ease. This hot Tub offers a smart Wifi system that allows for control over the spa pool side remotely, the pool side remote can have a timer set to different times, so you can have it ready to go as soon as you get there. Air pressure, and timer to make sure you have your hot Tub ready when you are, this will keep you and your guests entertained while you work on your workbench.