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Vs Series Hot Tub

The sz Series hot Tub control 240 v pcb is designed to allow you to control your hot Tub from anywhere in your office, this pcb is designed with a small keypad that makes it facile to choose the right controls for your hot tub. The hot Tub control 240 v pcb is likewise ready to use, taking minutes to set up and use.

Older Balboa Hot Tubs

The balboa sz control system is the best substitute to have an older hot Tub that looks and feel new again, the sz is our serial system that gives a built in light dish and then standard side dish. This system can be used to have a hot Tub in any shape or size, while the light dish and side dish make it effortless to take care of, the sz also grants the ability to be controlled with a serial number that can be written on the control system. The sz is an 54218-z and can be controlled with the serial number or the control system name, the sz Series hot Tub control 240 v pcb is for the sz hot tub. It is an essential part of a successful hot Tub use, this pcb includes all the necessary components to manage the hot tub's power and data. The sz hot Tub control pcb is necessary to set the hot tub's settings, like air temperature, water temperature, and air pressure, the Vs Series hot tubs are designed to accommodate a large crowd and offer a variety of features and amenities to make your spa experience unique. The Vs Series hot Tub provides a large and comfortable seating area with a comfortable feel when you are in it, the sz is the latest in terms of control system technology to hit the market. It is and plastic scouring design with a dark brown color, and features a serial number on the front, the topside free light is an 54218-z, and indicates the type of light source. The light is on a wire that goes into shaped recess in the top of the tub, the recess is filled with water and provides a swimmer’s cage style seat. The Tub is left alone to ensure privacy, and a hand-held unit is included.