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Octagon Hot Tub

Octagon hot Tub is an unrivaled place to relax and spend a relaxing day, we offer a cosy spas experience for just $5 a day! With our energy saving hot Tub cover, you can enjoy your relaxing day in any alternative you want.

Octagon Shaped Hot Tub

The intex 79 x 28 purespa jet and bubble deluxe inflatable spa set 4-person is an octagon-shaped hot Tub that comes with three models: 1, the standard hot Tub model offers an undercurrents system in the body and a freeze-dried blue-green algae filter in the matrix. A three-level temperature setting with a temperature control system allows you to find a fantastic temperature for your home, a built-in shower with a shower head and inside shower handle. A large central area that can accommodate up to four people, a jacuzzi that can be equipped with an individual jacuzzi and a built-in hot tub. The intex 79 x 28 purespa jet and bubble deluxe inflatable spa set 4-person is a first-rate way for suitors who yearn for a large and comfortable hot tub, this intex hot Tub Octagon is a terrific alternative for folks who crave a stylish and functional hot tub. The Octagon shape of the plastic and metal body gives the hot Tub an air of sophistication and power, the pure spa octagonal air valve ensures superior quality and efficiency in your hot tub, and its grey colour gives it a classic look. With an 4 th of the price of most other brands, this intex hot Tub Octagon is an exceptional value for your money, the Octagon hot Tub spas are best-in-class solution for lovers who crave to get relax and enjoy the world around them. With their heat retention technology, these spas make use of some of the most small planet's water can take on hot Tub feeling, this makes it straightforward to take off when not in use and makes it effortless to protect your investment. The set includes a jet and bubble bath, as well as a spas set and area for relaxing, the hot Tub is good for up to 4 people and gives a four-berth area for privacy. The spa is lightweight and facile to move around, and provides a soft surface for comfort.