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Hot Tub Circuit Board

This hot Tub Circuit Board is brand new and imparts the 71260 head, it is black anodized aluminum and fits systems with a head size of 61260.

Hot Tub Control Board

This is a difficult question to answer, what is the brand of the hot tub? The brand of the hot Tub is not necessary a requirement for this question. However, if the hot Tub is manufactured by duplex, it would be a required brand, this process will require that you remove the motherboard and then replace it with a new one. Make sure to operate a new power cord and plug in the old one into the wall, make sure the old one is charged before starting the process. This Circuit Board for a hot Tub is mostly made of plastic and extends a few small metal pieces, it is about 12 inches tall and 6 inches wide. The top and bottom of the Board have small screws that hold it in place, the sides have another small screw that screws into the top of the board. There is a single screw at the side of the Board that holds it in place, the top of the Board grants a few small screws that hold it in place. The Board is manufactured of plastic and offers a few small metal pieces, this jacuzzi hot Tub Circuit Board is for replacement of the control circuits for the hot tub. It includes the black anodized aluminum build, and is manufactured of plastic, the Board is for the return of performance and luxury in the jacuzzi hot tub.