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Barbie Hot Tub

Introducing an outstanding addition to Barbie owner's collection - the vintage 1983 Barbie bubbly spa hot Tub pool bubbles! This amazing addition to the hot Tub scene features beautiful bubbly water and bubbly waves in a setting that is splendid for the little girls in your life, with a playland feel and a place for all the kids to be, the Barbie bubbly spa hot Tub pool bubbles is an exceptional addition to your hot Tub knowledge and beauty suite.

Barbie Hot Tub 80s

This vintage 1983 Barbie bubbling spa playset hot Tub is a top-grade choice to enjoy the 80 s in today's market, this play set includes a bubble pool, sissy society speaker, and a few other elements that make for a fun time. The box as well covered in dust and there is still some wear from use, otherwise it is in excellent condition with several small issues. This is a vintage 1983 Barbie bubbling spa playset hot Tub with a box, the set includes a worksheet and a missing ball. This tilt-a-whirl Barbie hot Tub is a peerless alternative to relax after a long day! The included whirlpool privileges make it uncomplicated to get in and out of the hot tub, and the extra-large windows make it straightforward to see the guests around you! This hot Tub is conjointly top-of-the-heap for enjoying a beverage or reading a book in the privacy of your own home! This vintage Barbie hot Tub box is an exceptional substitute to give your Barbie you can see your Barbie in high school or young adulthood! The spa is still operational and is top-of-the-heap for a quick spa day or full body bath, the Barbie hot Tub is large and deep, making it a sterling place to relax and enjoy a day at the park.